SHERLOCK Talking Label Reader

The SHERLOCK is an extremely useful talking label reader. It gives the names of objects (e.g. medicines, cosmetics, packaged food, bottles of wine, CDs, files, clothes etc.) given to it earlier by the user. The SHERLOCK uses up-to-date RFID technology and is extremely easy to handle.

Usage :-

  • The name of an object is recorded and stored in the SHERLOCK and simultaneously assigned to a label. The label is then attached to the corresponding object.
  • Each label can hold up to 2.5 minutes of recorded information and may include additional notes, like the date of purchase or the expiration date of the product. Up to 1890 records can be handled by SHERLOCK. E.g. “chicken breasts, bought March 15th”; “Cough Syrup: 10 drops 3 times a day”; “Frank Sinatra: Best of album”.
  • When wanting to hear the identity of an object, the SHERLOCK is put in proximity of the talking label. An accompanying acoustic signal helps to locate the label. Once the label has been found the pre-recorded note (e.g. about the chicken breasts) is played back by the SHERLOCK.

COMPLETE SET: Includes batteries, carrying pouch, 25 adhesive labels, 10 encased labels (both can be reordered at any time), printed manual.

Nano PDA-Lite

The NANO is an extremely powerful pda-lite (personal digital assistant) for blind and visually impaired people with or without knowledge of braille as well as those who want to learn braille. It provides the general functions of a PDA and has the dimensions of a chocolate block. Due to its small size, its slim shape and its ultra-lite weight it can easily be taken along; even carried around the neck or attached to the belt. NANO is a joyful servant in our hectic times:

  • Notebook: Text notes are put in by using the braille-keyboard or the cursor-keys, audio notes by the recording function;
  • Addressbook: all addresses (keyed-in or recorded) are administered by a single directory. An efficient browsing mode enables the user to easily access the entries;
  • Agenda: Recurring and one-time dates are safely kept and easily accessible. The NANO reminds of the date by an acoustic signal;
  • Calculator: the Nano offers a simple calculator as well as a powerful scientific calculator;
  • Calender and Watch: time, date day of the week, timer, stop-watch;
  • Games: piano, dice, black-jack, lotto, roulette, bingo and chess-clock.

COMPLETE SET: NANO, Leather pouch, charger and instruction manual.

ZeitGeist, the magnificient talking time machine

The ZeitGeist is a magnificent “Time Machine” of great help to blind and visually impaired people. It has an amazing number of time related features.

Features include :-

  • It tells the time (incl. dual time zone) in hours, minutes and seconds;
  • It adjusts the daylight saving time automatically;
  • It offers a calendar that reaches one century into the past and future and tells the current day of the week, date, calendar week, passed and remaining days of the year; as well as the current zodiac;
  • It adjusts the leap-years automatica1ly;
  • It lells the current moon phase and offers suggestions related to it;
  • It offers a stop-watch;
  • It makes wake-up calls with its alarm function.

…and many more!

LISAcompact, the compact reading device with a pleasant tone of voice

LlSAcompact recognizes typescript and matrix print and converts it automatically into speech. The speech output reads the whole text with a very pleasant human voice. LlSAcompact also recognizes tables and reads them out correctly. While reading a text, pages can be added to the document without interrupting the reading which is a great advantage. Documents turned upside down are recognized as well as images which are ignored.

With a seven symbol key pad, LlSAcompact is extremely simple to handle. Pressing the wrong key is avoided by context sensitive help which instructs the user automatically. Of course, this help can be switched off for the experienced users.

Unlike other products, Lisa’s context sensitive help advises you before you make a mistake.

With LlSAcompact you can scan and save extensive documents, navigate through the text, repeat or spell words, change the reading speed, switch between a male and female voice, and adjust the sound via an equalizer. In noisy surroundings, headphones can of course be connected to LlSAcompact. Additionally, LlSAcompact can be expanded to a multilingual reading device. With fast and accurate recognition, LlSAcompact is an excellent choice for reading.

ColorTest 2000 Talking Colour Identifier

The ColorTest 2000 is the latest version of our famous colour and pattern-recognition device. A complete redesign and the use of up-to-date technologies has enabled us to achieve vast improvements.

Features include :-

  • 1,700 different colours announced in a clear natural voice;
  • at home, you can find out the colour of your clothes; classify fabrics, office files etc. via colour; find out if a room is light or dark and where a light source is located; check for patterns on a surface etc.;
  • auxiliary devices are available for measuring acetone- and sugar-content of urine; and colour recognition of small electrical wires;
  • universal colour description (e.g. “dark red”), as well as common colour description (e.g. “bordeaux red”) at the user’s choice;
  • two electronic flashes cover the tested area with light, thus avoiding shadow;
  • can interface to a PC (or other electronic device), so that it is possible for deafblind people to use the ColorTest 2000 via a braille display.

There are four models :-

  • ColourTest Classic, which provides colour measurement, colour analysis, battery status, light detection and contrast/brightness measurement;
  • ColourTest Standard, which additionally provides output of current date and time of day, a timer, stop-watch, alarm clock and appointments, thermometer and electronic games (Dice, Roulette and Bingo);
  • ColourTest de Luxe, which additionally provides Euro-identification (optional), dynamic measurement (multi-coloured textures and patterns are announced), and a chess clock (from 5 minutes to 2 hours);
  • ColourTest Memo, which additionally provides a Dictaphone with a recording time of over 45 minutes, personalised appointments (recorded note announced with each appointment), and personalised colour-codes (it memorises user-defined colours, which helps you find particular items).

The ColorTest 2000 is supplied with a leather bag and a loop that allows it to be worn around one’s neck.