Managed and Remote IT Services

Our ‘IT Managed’ services are provided remotely over the internet, tackling problems and the risk of failures as they occur. This reduces hardware downtime and saves you money.

Sweva IT also provide easy to follow graphical monthly reports to prove the value

Take advantage of the ‘fully managed’ service from Sweva IT

By taking advantage of our ‘fully managed’ IT service, you will have technical support from the specialists. Our support services give businesses continuity of operation, peace of mind and usually a substantial reduction in costs.

The use of remote support technology over the internet means information indicating network and systems health can be regularly collected and assessed.

The monitored data that is collected can highlight issues such as missed patch or security updates, high disc space usage, system error logs etc. Recommended actions can be presented to the customer BEFORE any issue becomes critical and affects functionality of systems and hardware.

Sweva IT are committed to getting away from the ‘break and fix’ mentality, believing ‘prevention’ is better than cure!

Our goal is to reduce costs for our customers by reducing the number of callouts to a site to investigate issues and taking preventative actions based on the ongoing support facilities available remotely.

Remote Computer Support

Sweva IT provide ‘Remote Computer Support’ as a separate service or as part of a package. This allows us to respond to situations and resolve problems as they arise, using the latest remote support technology and the internet.

• Remote support and monitoring via the internet
providing ongoing maintenance

Remote investigation of issues through an end user support portal. Preventative maintenance and system checks by IT engineers who can take control of a computer as necessary.

• Remote backup and data restore via the internet

90% of IT issues can be dealt with REMOTELY

Using the latest technology, we offer a comprehensive remote IT support solution package, to give you all the benefits:

• rapid response, no waiting for the engineer to call
• with up to 90% of IT issues resolved remotely there are fewer callouts, saving time, increasing productivity
• an energy efficient service, which means reducing carbon emissions, good for the planet

How our REMOTE COMPUTER SUPPORT service works

Within a contractually agreed time:

• You phone us, or log a call over the internet using IT Managed
• We get back to you within the hour
• Your IT problem is fixed using remote technology over the internet

You can watch the work in progress (on the screen) as our Engineers take over your Server, PC or Laptop.
Remote support services can be proactive as well as reactive, allowing engineers to find and resolve potential problems before they make an impact!

REMOTE LIVE BACKUP and file recovery service

Live Backup‘ is a remote service, important for file storage and recovery for servers and also useful for laptop users. We recommend you take advantage of this to compliment our remote SUPPORT service.

It’s a complete online backup service, imagine no more disks, no more burning of CDs and tapes for your servers! It’s simple to use and install, provides ultimate security means that no raw data ever leaves your computer.

It replaces masses of backup hardware and software with a single process which runs automatically and provides instant retrieval from anywhere.

Suitable for single desktops, laptops and servers, or large corporate network environments.


A small software module is installed on each source and target server. An easy-to-use client application defines which data will be replicated and where the copies will be stored.

The initial mirroring operation can be performed while the source servers are active. After this simple configuration and initial mirroring are completed, operations are automatic and transparent. Only the changes made to the data set, at byte level, are replicated over to the Target server.

The Target server monitors the Source server(s). In the event of a server failure the target server can assume the name(s) and IP address(es) of the failed server(s), (this is in addition to its own original name and IP address), and invokes scripts to restart applications.