IT Support

Sweva IT offer support to companies based throughout Sweden

• Remote server and computer support and administration
• Patch management and pro-active diagnostics
• Antivirus update management
• Remote backup (off site), backup management/data restore
• Server migrations
• Unix support and administration
• Call centre with personal account and resolution capability
• Software installation, upgrade management and development

Cost effective Business IT Support

Our primary function is to provide Swedish companies with cost effective Business IT Support services, offering the right solution to meet individual requirements.

Sweva IT clients can expect a personal and professional service, flexible contracts, effective management and all this at prices that are cost effective and competitive.

If you are interested in any of the services Sweva IT has to offer, please contact us to arrange a meeting. We would be pleased to discuss your IT Support requirements in total confidence and explore the potential for business development.

Sweva IT can help answer many of your technology and communication questions, daily we offer advice and consultancy services to many companies seeking to simply get more out of their existing computer and communication systems.

Our goal is always to enhance your existing IT operation, we only recommend purchasing new equipment, software and services when necessary. If you feel that your company is running on less than 100% efficiency with your current IT systems, then ask us to provide you with some thoughts, new ideas and practical options for you to consider in improving your IT systems and operations to further improve productivity and system reliability.

We advise on such matters as:

  • e-business and internet trading solutions
  • data back-up and disaster recovery planning
  • email, data protection compliance
  • IT infrastructure, network and communications planning
  • implementing “best IT operating procedures” to industry standards
  • data security, anti-virus software and total network security
  • wireless network and remote laptop access
  • training staff with office software applications
  • technology project management
  • Software development

Management and strategy

Sweva Information Technology Limited provides computer support to a number of companies or organisations located throughout the UK. We have strategic alliances with some of the best IT maintainers in the country enabling us to tap into any one of up to 600 engineers, so that you can be sure help is never far from your business doorstep.

Depending upon your specific requirement, we can totally manage your IT function, essentially becoming your virtual IT department, you can have us on-site at your location, assist you remotely or a flexible combination of both on-site and remote IT support. With our ‘Small Business’ IT Support solutions, Bliss can provide comprehensive IT support, one day a week, one or more days a month, or just on a per hour basis. Simply use our professional services when you need us . . .

These flexible support options are primarily designed for businesses and organisations who simply cannot afford or do not have the necessity to employ full time technical staff or an IT Manager, yet still need professional help and assistance with their IT and communication systems. If this kind of service is what you are looking for, then do contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with details of the options available and how much it costs.

All your IT support needs are covered with a comprehensive range of services available

Sweva IT understand that each IT issue needs to be resolved whether it’s a small software problem or a larger hardware upgrade that is involved. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of services and we consider no job is too large or too small. Complete network system installations to simple software installations and training are all within our remit.

Sweva IT have got it covered:

  • Installation, configuration and support for Windows Server, Exchange, SQL Server, including full migration and upgrading server systems.
  • Full Networking Support: LAN/WAN installation and configuration, server set-up, TCP/IP and internet/intranet
  • Configuring of dial-up, ISDN, ADSL broadband business connections, VPN, routers, firewalls
  • LAN Network System Administration, configuration and technical personnel training
  • Comprehensive Operating System support: (Unix, Linux, Novell, Microsoft, Citrix server )
  • Networking troubleshooting, PC desktop security and remote computer access for executives and staff
  • Installation and configuration of Web servers, intranets and e-commerce systems
  • Custom software programming, on all major software platforms including the latest Microsoft .Net
  • Set-up and configuration of network anti-virus software and firewall security
  • Configuration of data back-up systems and remote data back-up services
  • Disaster recovery planning and data loss prevention
  • PC hardware and software configuration
  • Computer maintenance and fault finding, LAN network cabling and testing
  • Systems evaluation reporting and IT recommendations, getting more out of what you already have, achieve better productivity and reliability!