I hate having no money, I bet you do to

If you are struggling to make ends meet at the moment then the last thing you are able to do is to afford a precious holiday away with the children, this will however be something you are in desperate need of considering your predicament, so with summer holidays costing a small fortune what are the options. After all you do not want to be left feeling like you’ve been overcharged grossly just because you are travelling during the busiest time for families to take holidays.

Now depending on where you are planning on going and when you are able to book your holiday you may be able to save yourself some money on your break away, by going to Butlins!

If you like to enjoy the Summer and live in the UK, then look no further than a Butlins holiday. With special school summer holiday breaks available at all resorts from the 19th of July until the 2nd of September you can book a holiday that is specifically catered to the needs of you and your children during their break from school.


Please note I do not work for Butlins, and this is simply an observation of where you will find the cheapest holidays for this period.

A Butlins holiday allows you to travel across the country or even just enough a break close to home, there is exclusive entertainment, activities throughout the summer holidays as well as beachside locations and much more.

With stars from the World of Television, Team Extreme and acrobatic aerial circus performers showing off their moves your children will be kept occupied for hours all while you relax in the comfort of a clubhouse or enjoy a delightful meal.

Of course there are other providers and you can have a fantastic family holiday at any other holiday park with on site entertainment. These will be the cheapest holidays that you’ll find in the UK and will not require you to sell your belongings just in order to have a couple of days much needed R&R.

Whether you want to try your hand at learning a new skill or just enjoy a relaxing break with your family you can have the summer holiday of your life at holiday parks. There is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a beachside location while having access to on site entertainment and delicious dining too.

Where can you go?

With prices starting from £125 per person for 7 nights in a silver apartment the earlier you book the greater the saving will be. There are resorts available in Bognor Regis, Skegness and Minehead as well as hotels at Bognor Regis also if you don’t want to stay in an apartment.


Apartments come with all the modern conveniences that you could need to enjoy a relaxing family break and even do some ‘home’ cooking if you want to, however if you don’t want the worry of preparing meals and having to clean up then you can even add a dining package to your booking to allow you to get the most out of your stay and also save some money in the process. What’s more, if you book more than 8 weeks in advance of your holiday you need only pay a small deposit and then you can pay off your holiday in instalments.

Is it worth getting a loan to finance a holiday?

It is up to you, but with the cheapness of these holidays you really don’t have to.

Factors that are vital to think about include the financial capacity of the borrower to be able to pay the loan back. Also keen awareness of the high interest rate of such a loan is important.


A borrower can have bad credit history, but this does not inhibit the ability to get a pay day loan. There is no traditional credit check performed, but rather proof of employment is sought and the assurance that the money will be paid back within a specified period.

For the purposes of a repairing a car, financing a family holiday or something along those lines, a pay day loan provides the funds for this immediately and with relatively little hassle compared to applying for a loan at a bank or building society.

Paperwork is generally uncomplicated.  All of this should take less than 30 minutes and include personal details such as name, address and information about a current and active bank account.

The turn-around time is swift and after approximately 24 hours, the funds should be deposited into the borrower’s bank.


A pay day loan can be supplied in only small amounts of approximately £300 to £700. This can be an inconvenience when extra money is required immediately.

Even though the loan amount is relatively small, the interest rate is so high that this poses a serious financial risk to the borrower in regards to paying the loan back in its entirety.

There is normally a very quick time-frame in which to pay back the borrowed funds to the lender, normally 14 days. Failing to do so may mean exorbitant fees of up to 300% interest. These may be applied to the borrower’s account and may further affect the credit status.

The interest rates for such loans are generally from 200-500% once the initial payback period has lapsed and so it’s important that the borrower has the means to pay back the loan, otherwise the debt will spiral.

Recommended site: Simple Payday

Don’t get a loan, have a tidy up instead!

By far the best place to start with your tidy is your wardrobe. There are several kinds of places that will give you cash for your old, yet lightly used clothing. Vintage designer shops, thrift stores, and contemporary second-hand fashion retail places are all locations where you can make money after clearing out your wardrobe. You can take everything from clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore to items that you no longer want because they are out of season. Some big ticket items that you may want to focus on because they’ll bring in more money are leather accessories, designer clothes and handbags, and jewellery.


If you’re still up for the challenge after tackling the wardrobe, you should head to the bookshelf to sort through all of those novels and journals. Paperback books may not get you very much money, but if you have any old college textbooks lying around, they can bring in serious cash. Another potential kind of money-maker is collectible magazines, or editions that reflect historic moments featured on the covers. And remember, if you can’t sell them, you can at least do something good for the environment and recycle them.

And who can forget about those dozens (or maybe hundreds, if you’re a music fanatic) of CDs from the last three decades? If you’re no longer into the Cranberries but are stuck with their entire discography, now is the time to take action. You can actually be making money off of your old discs without having to give up your music. In the age of the digital music player, all you have to do to keep your entire music collection within the push of a button is convert them all to mp3 format. You can keep digital music files on your computer, on a cloud drive, or on your digital music player, leaving you free to sell the discs and make some extra cash.


You can sell discs at second-hand record stores, or you could post them on any number of user-generated selling sites online. Gumtree and Craigslist are both useful sites for making money from your music, allowing you to post information about the discs that you want to sell online and then receiving offers from interested buyers.

If you have DVDs, video games, or computer games, you can also opt to get rid of those to make some extra cash. You may even be able to convert your movies to digital format in the same way that you stored your music so that you can still watch them anytime you would like. When you get into the habit of thinking “I can sell my old DVDs”, along with your CDs, you could potentially double your profits without doubling the work.

Now that you know the routine, you can make a quick quid periodically by cleaning the house. Even if you hate doing chores, you’ll love the extra income!

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