How big is the Internet?

It’s time to boggle your mind with some statistics…

According to the most recent research, it is estimated that there are now over ONE TRILLION web pages on the Internet today. Both Google and Microsoft confirm this with Google stating that it already has those trillion+ web pages indexed (that’s gotta eat up a lot of storage space.)

Putting this into perspective: it means that there are more web pages than there are humans living on this planet (world population is estimated to be approximately 6.7 billion). Taking it even further with a little bit of elementary arithmetic, it’s the same as saying that each one of us bipedal, opposable-thumbed, conscious individuals has about 150 web pages of content online.

If you spent only one minute to read each web page in existence today, it would take you about 31,000 years of non-stop reading to get to each one; no sleeping and no bathroom breaks (unless you’re using wireless laptop, netbook, or iPhone ;) )

Is it worth it?

After stumbling across these statistics today only one thought bounces around the gray matter of my mind: just how much of those trillion+ web pages are worth reading? Honestly, if I could live to be 31,040 years old (my 40th birthday is next month) would it be worth my time to try to read it all?

The answer is, not surprisingly, no (which is all well and good, since I have no desire to live to be 31,040 years old.)

The Internet junkyard

The World Wide Web is filled with junk. There are countless websites overflowing with outdated and irrelevant information, abandoned websites and blogs litter the once neat and tidy Internet landscape, and websites build by people who truly believe that they can make ‘easy money’ online are troublesome obstacles to getting at the really helpful information.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of great products on the Internet. But there are many, many more so-called “review websites” whose only goal is to encourage you to buy the product it is promoting (so the website owner can earn a commission.) This is why I prefer review websites where the product’s quality rating is determined by visitors who vote on the product.

What do you think?

Do you ever ponder, as I sometimes do, just how many websites on the Internet are nothing but junk? A few? Some of them? All of them?

To help get a feel for what NWD readers think, I’ve created a little poll. You can find it here to cast your vote:

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