Disaster Recovery

Imagine the worst that could happen, your server hard disk crashes, or the server room is damaged by fire or flood, or you turn up one morning and there has been a break in, what would you do?

If you are a Sweva IT customer, then there’s no need to panic, these are exactly the kind of disasters that we are set up to manage and provide recovery solutions for. We offer both Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions contact us to find out how to become a Bliss IT customer and make sure you’re covered!

Business Continuity Solutions with Sweva IT ‘Live Backup’Our servers can provide you with a continuous live backup, so if one of your servers goes down, another can be brought into service without delay.

We can replace the server that has failed and you can get on with running your business as usual, with minimal disruption.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst happened – for example, the server suffered a serious failure, your staff would not be able to log on or get on with their work. You would be on a downward spiral, facing a disastrous situation and the business would be losing money, minute by minute, for as long as the system failure continued.

Sweva IT could dramatically reduce the impact of such a situation, should it occur, by delivering a new server to you, within a contractually agreed time. This could be within 2 hours, 4 hours, or we can supply this service 24/7. We would rebuild the server from your backup tapes or spare disk, within 24 hours, to get things quickly back to normal.