About Us

Located in the North West of Sweden, Sweva Information Technology has become one the the Sweden’s leading suppliers of IT support solutions. Our innovative and personalised service is the combination of 30 years of working in the IT industry, and is built on knowledge and comprehensive experience.

About Sweva Information Technology Ltd

Sweva offer a first class service, working at the cutting edge of technology and ensuring clients are kept informed about the what is available when to upgrade. Companies involved in manufacturing like Sweva IT because we have MRP/ERP/Unix system experience and retail companies like us because we are able to support multi-site outlets throughout Sweden with ease.

Our skills extend to programming, to enable us to provide specialised software support and development, applications can be written to direct requirements.

Sweva IT offer independent advice. We are not tied to any specific supplier and this gives us the freedom to look around, to assess what is the best for our clients from what is available. We look for proven technology to give the best value to your business, delivering the support to make everything work at it’s optimum.

We have developed a strong and talented team of engineers that compliment strategic alliances with some of the best national maintenance and support providers in the industry.

Developing new strategic partnerships, are you interested?

Sweva IT firmly believe in networking and looking for opportunities and benefits to be gained by working with existing IT companies that operate in complementary areas of business. If your company would be interested in talking to us about a potential partnership and business opportunities, please feel free to call in total confidence.