Losing introductions

“I gotta meet HER.” “Ok. Walk over. Bump into her and start talking.” “Bump into her?” “It’ll give you something to talk about.” “I’ll do it.” I overheard their silly Continue reading


New shoes!

“I think they’re you.” He charmed. I laughed. “Um. No. Don’t think so.” I put the pink spiked heels back on their platform. “Think I need something a little less Continue reading


My American peach

“Hey. Kid.” Peach-girl yelled. “This isn’t a political convention. Put the sign down.” The sign waved higher. “Yell louder.” I laughed. “I can’t stand this.” She pouted, climbing on her Continue reading


Arrival meltdown

“Hi honey.” Cool-guy said into the phone. “I’ll be there in five minutes. Will you be ready? I want to check out those antique stores near your house.” “Yup. I’m Continue reading



“What? No muffins?” Cool-guy asked as he walked through the door at the end of the day. “Tomorrow morning will be a muffin morning. It’ll be worth the wait.” I Continue reading